Durr: Providing green and sustainable industrial solutions.

Durr: Providing green and sustainable industrial solutions.

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Dr. Jochen Weyrauch, CEO, Dürr Systems AG, DürrDr. Jochen Weyrauch, CEO, Dürr Systems AG
The world's growing population and globalisation are placing the planet in a position from which it cannot recover. There is no doubt that environmental protection is more important than ever. Dürr, a leading provider of industrial solutions, is successfully helping its customers reduce their carbon footprint by reducing their resource consumption and cutting their emissions, and profit more.

Dürr is one of the leading brands in mechanical engineering and planning worldwide. It is a single window for effective solutions for the automotive industry. It has been conducting regular research for over 2 decades about smart-networking and has been at the forefront of digitalisation of plants and mechanical engineering. It specializes in planning, consulting, and implementation of optimized processes and plant designs. Dürr has been offering its services to several different industries such as vehicle manufacturing, aircraft industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, printing and coating industry as well as food and animal feed industry.

Dürr offers a broad range of robotics products and assembly technologies for all vehicle manufacturing sectors. Its services include CAD planning, material flow simulations, clash checking, 3D laser scanner procedures, and virtual commissioning. Being a turnkey plant supplier, Dürr has extensive expertise in the sealing and gluing of vehicles. It also offers services in the planning and implementation of paint shops. Dürr’s NEXT.assembly enables customers to manufacture their vehicles efficiently using the optimised final assembly solutions. Dürr enables a connection between individual control units of a factory using smart network solutions that include a supervisory control system as an important parameter.

Dürr is the leading provider of technologies that reduce carbon dioxide emissions at plants. It does so by studying the client profile, consulting with subject matter experts and developing a sustainable business plan for its clients. Dürr designs and manufactures innovative systems that guarantee a reduction in energy consumption and emissions whilst guaranteeing highly reliable results.

For decades, Dürr has developed technologies that are environmentally friendly and cost-effective. It also has been working on decentralized power generation centres that are a mixture of renewable, hybrid, and fossil fuel-powered plants. Dürr recently introduced next-generation Wet Electrostatic precipitator (WESP), an air-pollution control system that cleans particulate matter, acid mists, and aerosols from industrial gases to meet the global emission regulations.

Dürr consists of highly qualified staff who provide extensive training to customers and available for extended periods, to ensure quality of service. It offers training and skill development courses depending upon the latest trends in the industry the client is from. The training programmes include modern concepts such as e-learning and webinars. It offers training to workers from entry-level to management level. Dürr has a global presence, which ensures its availability in all the stages of an ongoing project. It regularly conducts inspections and maintenance to ensure system effectiveness and environmental impact factors. It also undertakes analysis and modification of systems as per the desired output.

Dürr also offers its clients an exclusive DXQ Support package, which includes digital solutions such as complete software lifecycle, availability, quality assurance, and maintenance. Due to the pandemic and rapid digitization, it has become more important than ever to maintain digital stability in the manufacturing industry and DXQ is the centralised hotline centre for all digital solutions provided by Dürr. As a global brand, Dürr is committed to offering our clients the best service and guaranteeing their satisfaction.

With its rising efforts to maintain environmental sustainability among itself and its clients, it is evident that Dürr is one of the leading brands trying to reduce their carbon footprints and helping others do the same. The protection of the environment is essential to the development of any industry today and Dürr seems to use it in its favour.

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Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany

Dr. Jochen Weyrauch, CEO, Dürr Systems AG

Dürr is one of the world's leading mechanical and plant engineering firms with outstanding expertise in the fields of automation and digitalization. The brand has been a byword for continuous innovation since 1896, with a wide range of products in robot, process, and assembly technology for all areas of vehicle production, focusing on painting and final assembly lines. Dürr also offers painting technology for general industry. supplies efficient systems for exhaust air purification, for increasing the efficiency of production processes, and for sound insulation technology for a wide range of industries